· 100% Concentrated juice

The orange concentrate can be manufactured with pulp or without pulp depending on the tastes of each client. All our products are so concentrated that they are used mixing 7 parts of water + 1 of concentrate. Total 8 liters.

Once the mixture is made, some nectars and juices are obtained, with a delicious aroma, flavor and color, unmistakable to the palate.

· Nectars

Orange, Multifruits, Peach, Apple, Pineapple, Grapefruit, Lemon en envasens Bag in Box (10 liters) or in liter bottles.

· Packing

Liter bottle in boxes of 12 units or baginbox of 20 or 10 liters. 10 liter bags in boxes of two units.


Consult us for packaging with your own brand.


· Bottle packs: 60 boxes


· Pallets of bag in box 20 liters: 36 boxes

· Postmix machines                     

We have machines that are connected to the water network, they mix it automatically and with the push of a button, you get the juice cold and ready to drink.                     

We also have another model of machines that supply coffee only, with milk and cocoa.


Pol. Ind. El Güijar
Vereda de las Yeguas 13
28500 Arganda del Rey (Madrid) Spain
(+34) 918 714 182



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