· Fruit Purees, Smothies and Syrups

Following our line of fruit juice manufacturers we have a large variety of bottled fruit so that our customers can always have a very wide variety of fruits on hand to use them in:

- Mojito: Easy and quick use is added the glass ice crushed the indicated proportion of our mojito rum soda to taste and in seconds you have a delicious mojito ready to drink. From a bottle jake-mojito gets more than 30 mojitos

- Smothies: We have strawberry-banana, Mediterranean.

- Desserts

- Cocktails of different flavors : Giving fruit to your gin drinks for example

- Syrups for coffees : Add flavor to your Cafes. being able to make latte machiato, cappuccino,

Having our bottled fruits always have pineapple, coconut or whatever you want to make your delicious pina coladas. Made by those great professional mixologists

· Advantage

- It is maintained at room temperature.

- With a blow of the wrist they have the cubic centimeters of fruit they want for their recipes.

· 750C Puree Packaging

- Strawberry / fresa puree

- Banana / Plátano puree

- Passion fruit / Maracuyá puree

- Melocotón puree

- Raspberry puree

- Sandia / Watermelon puree

- Melon puree

- Blueberry /arándano puree

- Green Apple pure / Manzana verde puree

- Strawberry/fresa puree

· Packaging Sirope 750CC

- Granadina       - Ginebra       - Canela       - Avellana       - Mandarina

- Fresa       -Azucar de caña       - Frambuesa       - White Chocolate       - Fresa

- Kiwi       - Sour Lemon       - Violeta       - Vainilla       - Pepermint       - Almendra


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